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Beyoncé has blessed us with a new song from The Lion King

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

If this week already has you down (sup, Mercury retrograde), fear not little babies because Beyoncé is here to make (almost) everything better. Queen Bey has descended from her ethereal throne to bless us lowly peasants with a new song—specifically, a new song from Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King, in which Beyoncé lends her heavenly voice to the role of Nala. The track, titled “Spirit,” is the first single from The Lion King: The Gift, a compilation album featuring songs inspired by The Lion King. Whether you just can’t wait to Hakuna Matata your butt to the theater for Jon Favreau’s live-action-ish remake, or you’re dying to hear a new Beyoncé track (or both?), all four minutes and 37 seconds of “Spirit” is here for you:

“Spirit” is officially available to stream everywhere, including Spotify, iTunes, and wherever else you listen to things. In addition to starring in and performing songs for The Lion King, Beyoncé also produced The Lion King: The Gift, which features tracks “steeped in the sounds of Africa.” The compilation album will arrive the same day The Lion King hits theaters, on July 19. Until then, feel free to stream “Spirit” until your roommate vows to go full-Scar on your ass.


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