(Photo: Getty Images, Larry Busacca/MTV1617)

If the Video Music Awards were a little light on awards this year, it’s probably because MTV set aside a whole bunch of time for Beyoncé to perform a huge medley of songs from her recent Lemonade album. The whole thing is exactly the kind of outrageous spectacle that the VMAs are about—at least when they’re not about Kanye West—and it basically put everybody else performing tonight to shame through sheer force of Beyoncé-ness. She had stuff projected on screens and on herself, she went through multiple costume changes mid-song, and she screamed a whole bunch of swear words. It was, in a word, epic. So, grab some popcorn, sit down, and get fucking pissed at Jay-Z for possibly cheating on her once again:


THEBEYONCEWORLD.COM - Lemonade Medley (MTV VMA 2016) from Fansite Freak on Vimeo.