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Beyoncé blesses Chance the Rapper with backstage VMAs videobomb

Chance the Rapper is Chicago’s unofficial mascot right now—don’t be surprised if you start hearing “Angels” in official tourism commercials sometime soon—so maybe we’re biased. But his reaction to Beyoncé distracting him with a mid-interview videobomb backstage at last night’s VMA awards is pretty endearing:


Aside from the obvious celebrity cameo, feminist hardcore fans may also recognize the correspondent, Meredith Graves, who, when she’s not interviewing her fellow musicians for MTV, fronts the band Perfect Pussy. She’s also a Virgo, apparently, and Beyoncé likes her tattoos. Note also that, by sashaying into frame, Beyoncé stopped a potentially very silly hip-hop feud—something about videos and muscles, who knows—before it could begin. Everyone’s winning in this situation.

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