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Beyoncé announces huge Lemonade box set

It’s been a little more than a year since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, and to celebrate the occasion, she has just announced a special collector’s edition box set exclusively for the most hardcore Lemonade fans. This comes from Rolling Stone, which says the collection is called How To Make Lemonade, and it will include a 600-page hardcover book with “unseen photos from the making of the audiovisual album, personal writing by Beyoncé, and handwritten lyrics and poetry by Warsan Shire.” There will also be a foreword written by Georgetown University’s Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. In addition to that tome, it will include a vinyl pressing of the album—which will also be available separately—as well as “audio and visual album downloads.”

How To Make Lemonade will be available this summer for $300. You can see an unboxing video and the covert art up above.

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