Like a witch casting a spell atop another spell that only distorts reality irredeemably further—all to ensure she doesn’t have to talk to her husband—CBS continues to pile remake atop remake of Bewitched, all to secure the dazed silence of your own suburban family. Deadline reports that another modern-day TV remake of the ’60s supernatural sitcom is in the works from producers Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick, who previously produced the 2005 movie Bewitched—a film that self-referentially mocked the idea of a modern TV remake of Bewitched as a crass cash-in, all while simultaneously, crassly cashing in.

Like many, Fisher and Wick apparently didn’t see that movie, as they immediately set about actually remaking Bewitched for CBS in 2011. That plan was abandoned, but now—in this terrifying, ebola-ridden age where executives don’t want to risk opening their mouths to explain new show concepts—Bewitched is back on with “multiple networks” interested, and a new script from Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, who wrote the hilarious amnesia drama The Vow.


Perhaps their newest rehash will be a self-referentially mocking remake of the Bewitched TV show that was mockingly remade in the Bewitched movie, which was a mocking remake of the original Bewitched TV show. Or, given modern TV magic, maybe she’ll just be turned into a witch cop.