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Beverly Hills Cop now back to being considered for a fourth movie instead of TV show

Although CBS ultimately passed on its Beverly Hills Cop show, the mere fact that everyone talked about there being a Beverly Hills Cop show (even if only to say, “There’s a Beverly Hills Cop show?!”) has convinced Paramount that the interest is there to make a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie. Word of the project first arose after show producer Shawn Ryan tweeted about it, and now Deadline confirms that, yes, Eddie Murphy is still on board as Axel Foley, with Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec taking over the script and a project that has been discussed off and on for years now, often by Brett Ratner. It’s unclear as yet whether the film would follow the same plot as the rejected pilot, in which Brandon T. Jackson attempts to escape the shadow of his father by taking on the exact same job in the exact same police station where his dad became famous. It’s also possible it will find a 52-year-old, presumably desk-bound Axel Foley still every bit a loose cannon, what with his sassy, streetwise way of keeping track of departmental payroll.

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