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Betty White finally finds likable role as animal show host on Discovery Family

Discovery Family has announced that it’s bringing in the big guns, sweetness-wise, in order to promote its upcoming animal-focused programming block, Pawgust. Animal lover Betty White will host the month-long event, finally free of her contractual Hot In Cleveland obligations to scandalize the nation with comments about her sexual appetites or her co-workers’ moral failings, especially since her co-worker in this case will be Auggie, her golden retriever—the most ethical of dogs.

Instead, White will get to hang out with various adorable animals and introduce shows and movies for the event, including Discovery Family’s new program From Wags to Riches With Bill Berloni, about an animal trainer who rescues homeless dogs and transforms them into Broadway stars. If that all sounds like the network is dangerously close to approaching the long-fabled Cuteness Singularity, in which all of humanity is transformed into one never-ending, quasi-utopic Puppy Bowl, you probably shouldn’t read the press release for the event, put out by Discovery Family general manager Tom Cosgrove:

“August traditionally finds the country embroiled in the Dog Days of Summer, so we’re bringing the pawsitively best in programming about pets—and of course, man’s best friend—to help audiences beat the heat. With her devoted advocacy and genuine affection for creatures of all kinds, Betty White is truly the best friend an animal can have — and the perfect person to host Pawgust.”


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