Special Christmas editions of Doctor Who are an annual tradition for the revamped sci-fi institution, and why shouldn’t they? Like Santa Claus, the Doctor has the ability to bend time and travel wherever he wants via a unique mode of transportation—and like Jesus, he has a way of coming back from the dead. The BBC announced this morning that production has begun on this year’s Christmas special, where Matt Smith’s Doctor will teach the true meaning of the holiday (or something along those lines) to a pair of World War II-era British moppets and their mother, the latter played by Outnumbered’s Claire Skinner. A number of other familiar faces from U.K. television will appear as well, including Bill Bailey of Black Books and Spaced—two series that should be on the wish list of any TV-loving girl or boy. If you’ve been good, maybe the Doctor will slide the TARDIS down your chimney and deliver DVD sets of them to you personally.