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Better Call Saul renewed for sixth and final season

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The long and winding story of Jimmy McGill’s transition from criminal lawyer to “criminal” layer has finally got its end in sight: AMC announced today that it’s renewing Vince Gilligan’s critically acclaimed prequel series Better Call Saul for one more, sixth and final season. And while we didn’t get the spectacle of Bob Odenkirk showing his butt to the assembled TCA press corps to celebrate the decision this time, it’s still great news for fans of the increasingly violent world of the New Mexico legal profession.


Gilligan has, after all, always been a pretty deft hand at picking his ending points, and six seasons feels like a sufficient amount of time to track the respective rises of Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut, and Gustavo Fring—just in time for a mild-mannered chemistry teacher with a chip on his shoulder to come along and blow it all to hell. It’s also plenty of time to explore the big questions that have always haunted BCS: What happens to Kim by the time Breaking Bad comes around? How does Jimmy really feel about how things with Chuck ended up going down? Does Gene from Omaha make a good Cinnabon, or is he just phoning it in?

In the meantime, the series returns for its 10-episode fifth season next month, on February 23. Among other highlights, this year is expected to see Jimmy shed his skin and adopt the legal persona of Saul Goodman at last—hopefully, laser tag obsession and all.

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