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Illustration for article titled emBetter Call Saul/em producer gives us just a little taste of the show, just enough to get us hooked

In an obvious ploy to expand his territory and get more customers hooked on his product, Better Call Saul producer Peter Gould has given us yet another free taste of the intense high to come from his Breaking Bad spinoff. In an interview with Yahoo TV, Gould mostly talked about what we've already seen of Saul Goodman (including some small spoilers for seasons three and beyond). But Gould also mentions that he's been "hanging out in courtrooms lately" as research for the new series—which suggests that, while we've mostly seen Saul in his strip mall office before now, Better Call Saul will likely be more of a legal procedural, showing a whole new side of Saul's life as a law-talkin' guy, motioning for bad court thingys, and whatever else it is that lawyers do.

Gould also intimates that a good deal of the Bad team is on board for the new show, but still  "can't say officially."(You may recall that Vince Gilligan has more or less acknowledged that they're going to try to squeeze Walt and Jesse in there at some point). Until the prequel-or-sequel-or-both debuts next fall—or some other time—look for Gould and Gilligan to keep meting out these little crystalline shards of information, just enough to stave off our Breaking Bad withdrawal and keep us craving more.


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