For those who have hungered for a prequel to the prequel that is Better Call Saul, AMC has released a new digital comic book ahead of the show’s premiere this Sunday, which serves as an introduction for fans who are eager to learn more about shady attorney Saul Goodman, before they learn more about Saul Goodman. But this time, in comic-book form. With a story provided by the show’s writers, Better Call Saul: Client Development delves even further into the mysterious origins of Saul—once an ordinary, feeble teenager who’s magically transformed after being bitten by a radioactive lawyer-spider, giving him the incredible power of tort litigation.

Just kidding: Actually, it’s a spinoff of the second season episode “Better Call Saul,” using that as a launching pad to delve into the history of the relationship between Saul and his right-hand investigator, Mike Ehrmantraut, as they look into Walter White. “That episode is complete as it is but there was an opportunity there to unpack something from that episode that directly leads us into Better Call Saul,” AMC’s Mac Kean tells Mashable—and more importantly, there was an opportunity for the network to add yet another layer of promotion the show you’ve probably decided to watch or not watch long ago. But now there’s also a comic book you can read or not read.