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Better Call Saul casts another piece of Jimmy's Breaking Bad future

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Although it’s rightly focused on the ever-tarnishing soul of “hero” Jimmy McGill—and his fractious relationships with the people around him in his “present” dayBetter Call Saul has never been shy about hinting at his future, too. There’s all the flash-forwards to Gene the Cinnabon manager, obviously, but we’ve also seen the world of the Albuquerque drug trade steadily encroach on the future Saul Goodman’s life, whether in the form of knife-loving psychopath Tuco, or the always terrifying Gus Fring. Now, the show has teased one more link to the day when Saul gets tossed down in front of an open grave by a couple of amateur meth dealers, courtesy of a new THR report.


And while we’re still not getting those Aaron Paul or Bryan Cranston cameos Vince Gilligan is apparently dying to write, we will be getting one more piece of the Saul Goodman puzzle, with the news that actor Tony Dalton has been cast as the previously unseen Lalo. Remember Lalo? He’s the guy that has Saul pissing his pants in that same scene, because he’s worried Jesse and Walt are there to kill him on the guy’s behalf. (So, probably not a good dude.) This isn’t the first time the show has mined that particular moment for a “new” character, either; Jimmy’s occasional associate Nacho comes from that same sequence, when Saul attempts to blame “Ignacio” for whatever’s about to get him shot.

Better Call Saul is set to return for its fourth season on August 6.

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