For those who love reading the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of exiled Community creator Dan Harmon, yet have an irrational fear of computers, good news: Harmon's girlfriend Erin McGathy has compiled some 307 pages' worth of Harmon's best online writings into an old-fashioned paper book, and we're at least decades away from computers becoming sentient and trying to kill you. In the meantime, you can tentatively use your computer to order the limited-edition You'll Be Perfect When You're Dead: The Collected Online Writings of Dan Harmon—a best-of compilation drawn from the Dan Harmon Poops blog—which goes on sale at the stroke of midnight, January 8, through the Harmontown website.

Only 900 copies are being made available of the first edition, a rarity that, according to the FAQ, includes a misspelling of "Foreword" on the cover and in the actual foreword by Dino Stamatopolous. Given the breadth of obsessive Community fandom on the Internet, almost assuredly all of them will go fast. You can also choose to get a copy signed now for $24.95 plus shipping (unsigned copies go for $15.95 plus shipping), or opt to "Pick Up On Tour" during one of the upcoming live Harmontown dates, where you can wait around to have Harmon sign it for you in person while somebody in a #SixSeasonsAndAMovie shirt takes 20 different photos with him. Your choice. Here's the Rob Schrab-created cover to hurry along your decision-making. [via Splitsider]