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Bette Midler went as her own Hocus Pocus character for Halloween

Hocus Pocus

For people of a certain generation, Hocus Pocus is the Halloween movie, filled with cheesy touchstones, adorably immortal cats, and a weirdly high percentage of jokes about high school virginity. Apparently, though, the 1993 Disney comedy can count star Bette Midler as one of its many fans, too: Midler hit the red carpet in New York last night as her character from the movie, witchy woman Winifred Sanderson.


Midler was celebrating the 21st anniversary of the New York Restoration Project, a non-profit she founded back in 1995 to plant trees renovate the city’s public spaces. Photos of Midler’s costume—complete with a giant red wig and a broom, but sans Kathy Najimy—have been cropping up on social media since last night.

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