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Betsy DeVos’ dumbest accomplishment may be funding a Gary Busey movie

Screenshot: Twitter

It appears that, in her mission to accelerate the dumbing down of America—it’s going to happen with or without her help, let’s be honest—know-nothing billionaire Betsy DeVos is fighting on more than one front. There’s the whole Secretary of Education thing, of course, but she’s also got a less conventional weapon up her sleeve: Gary Busey.

You see, BuzzFeed News published a story this morning detailing DeVos’ financial holdings, and among suspiciously citified investments like Whole Foods and Core Power Yoga is an item for a $50,000-$100,000 investment in a faith-based film called Camp Manna. Named after a real-life Christian summer camp in North Carolina but filmed in DeVos’ home state of Michigan, the film stars Busey as Jack “Cujo” Parrish, a born-again camp counselor the film’s official website describes thusly:

Spiritually reborn in the blood soaked jungles of Vietnam, Jack “Cujo” Parish has one mission in life: to help turn boys into men. To do this, he’s founded Camp Manna, a remote Christian summer camp centered around an olympiad of Biblically themed events known as “The God Games.” This old war veteran may be eccentric but his heart is in the right place.


Co-stars include newcomer Luke Michael Klein, a guy famous for making a viral video called “Church Appropriate Dance Moves,” the chubby friend from The Scout’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, and another YouTube star who played a frat boy in 22 Jump Street. Described as a throwback camp comedy in the style of The Sandlot, the movie is currently listed as being in post-production on IMDb and has no set release date, although there have been cast and crew screenings.

To be fair, based on the film’s various social-media accounts, Camp Manna does seem to have a sense of humor about itself and its Christianity. At least, we’re hoping this Tumblr post is a joke:

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