Bethenny Frankel’s talk show has been cancelled after just one season. Bethenny’s fate was more or less sealed when the show started getting dropped by its affiliates, many of whom opted to pick up The Meredith Vieira Show instead. Though the recent cancellation of Katie Couric’s talk show, Katie, freed up some daytime space, most stations opted not to pick up Bethenny, which already appeared to be on its way out. Its production company Telepictures even looked into moving Bethenny to Bravo, where Frankel starred on both Real Housewives Of New York and her own spinoff series. Unfortunately, Best Of Bethenny didn’t draw enough viewers and (hopefully) served as a reminder to the vast majority of Real Housewives that people don’t actually care all that much about who they are outside of the trashy reality franchise. New episodes of Bethenny will continue to air until later this spring. In the meantime, at least Frankel still has her Skinnygirl Cocktail line—for now.