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Beth from The Walking Dead’s EP is out today, includes her Waxahatchee cover

Emily Kinney, best known for playing Beth on The Walking Dead and making goo-goo eyes at Daryl, has another career as a musician—which should come as no surprise considering how often she sings on the show. A couple of weeks ago, sharp-eared indie fans recognized the song she played while holed up with Daryl in the funeral home as Waxahatchee’s “Be Good.” Now that song is available as part of an EP called Expired Love, re-released today. The original version appeared on Waxahatchee’s American Weekend album, whose follow-up, Cerulean, was The A.V. Club’s seventh favorite of 2013. Radio.com reported that the Waxahatchee song wasn’t the show’s first choice, but that a Neutral Milk Hotel song originally intended for the slot couldn’t be cleared. No word on whether Kinney’s version of Tom Waits’ “Hold On,” which she performed in the prison last year, will see an official release.

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