(Photo: Sean Zanni/Getty Images)

Deadline reports that BET has given the nod to a new hour-long drama based on the life and rise of prominent rapper Nas. Street Dreams—which takes its name from one of the rapper’s breakout songs—follows the story of a Nas-like figure as he navigates New York’s Queensbridge housing projects, dealing crack to survive, and eventually forcing his way into the world of rap music success.

Nas’ life story has been the subject of film before; in 2014, a documentary, Time Is Illimatic, tracked his career, as well as the rise of drugs and poverty in New York’s projects that led to his harsh upbringing. Now, Nas will executive produce on Street Dreams, alongside writer-director Jonathan Levine, whose past projects include 50/50, The Night Before, and The Wackness. The series was originally created as a half-hour comedy for the defunct XBox Entertainment Studios, but has since been reworked for BET.