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Jewel, probably one of the most successful poets of the ‘90s, hasn’t written much of anything since her breakout collection A Night Without Armor was released in 1998, other than the autobiography-ish Chasing Down The Dawn in 2000. She also has some kind of career as a musician that is much bigger than her work in poetry, so maybe that has been distracting her from getting back to writing. But not anymore! As reported by Yahoo News, Jewel has just signed a deal to write a new memoir for Blue Rider Press. The book doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s set to be released in the fall and will apparently reveal that Jewel has a “far more complicated life” than people think. Yahoo News says she’ll also talk about her “childhood and career while offering writing advice and insights on being a mother.”


Now, before anyone scoffs at the author of two books—three, counting this one—giving writing advice, her poetry collection sold a million copies. That’s a million more copies than 99 percent of all poetry collections. Even if her advice is just “be Jewel,” it still counts.

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