Hey, dudes. Is there anything better than chilling with your best bros and talking about beer or whatever? Maybe having an elaborate prank war and tolerating Dave Franco? Like, the only thing that would ruin some solid dude time would be if a whole bunch of chicks moved in next door. Man, chicks. Am I right?

Anyway, that’s going to be the basic plot of Universal’s Neighbors 2, which will reignite the May-December bromance between cool, young guy Zac Efron and cool, old guy Seth Rogen. Rose Byrne will return as Rogen’s wife, and Nicholas Stoller will return as the guy lucky enough to direct dudeness in its purest form. The Hollywood Reporter says the sequel will have “a female twist,” which is to say that it will repeat the basic premise of the first movie—old people hate their frat boy neighbors—but with Rogen and Efron teaming up to take down a sorority that moves in next door instead. That seems to suggest that the girls will be the antagonists, which isn’t so much a “female twist” as it is lazy, borderline misogynist screenwriting, but at least we’ll get to see Rogen and Efron be funny together again.