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Bernie Sanders was just "trying to keep warm," guys

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Bernie’s seen the memes, y’all, perhaps in between viewings of Melancholia on his iPad, but he’s not all that interested in speaking about them. “I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, and trying to pay attention to what was going on,” he told Seth Meyers on Thursday night, speaking, of course, of the wildly viral image of the Vermont senator and his magnificent mittens during Wednesday’s inauguration, the likes of which have been grafted onto just about every photo in existence. (Including a cozy sweatshirt that the Sanders camp is selling to raise money for Meals on Wheels Vermont.)

In a separate statement to CNN, he celebrates the meme’s virality for making people “aware that we make good mittens in Vermont.” That particular detail hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Vogue and other publications quickly sharing the essential details of said mittens. Jen Ellis, the Vermont resident and mitten-maker in question, even did an interview with Slate in which she reflected on the public’s sudden need for her mittens—”I think my Gmail has crashed now,” she says—and shared her preference for Vermont-specific Bernie memes.


Bernie gives a nod to Ellis during his Meyers interview, and also dispels the hectoring criticism of his “grumpiness” by noting that the inauguration left him “in tears.” Before long, he’s hammering home the points that he’s been making his entire career—that Democrats need to flex their power when they have it to provide healthcare and livable wages to Americans. You know, all that “radical” stuff.

Watch the Meyers interview in full below. Just don’t expect him to reveal the “top-secret” contents of that manila envelope.

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