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Bernie Sanders gets his hands dirty by appearing on Fallon to "Slow Jam The News"

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Screenshot: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (YouTube)

Bernie Sanders has a remarkably clean and consistent record and public image for a lifelong politician and yet now, with the 2020 presidential elections fast approaching, he’s finally decided to get down into the muck with all the other candidates and do what needs to be done to reach potential voters, morals be damned.

That’s right: Sanders went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to “Slow Jam The News.”

While it may be hard to watch, it’s important to bear witness to the moment when the senator arrives onstage to announce that he, like others before him, is about to “slow jam the news.” As The Roots provide a languid lounge background, Sanders emphatically describes some of his policy points. He talks about addressing income inequality, which is good, and then Fallon whispers some obvious jokes about “[spreading] the love” and being “sick and tired of having just a few people on top.” Fallon, stalwart ally of the political left, encourages Sanders to talk about his opposition to corporate campaign funding and then giggles about the senator “giving the people what they desire” and, of course, “feeling the Bern.”


Yes, this clip does irreversibly compromise Sanders, damaging his credibility by providing a permanent record that he enabled Fallon’s jokes, but it also demonstrates just how serious he is about 2020. Sanders knows what must be done. Starting a Twitch channel, launching a podcast, facing down his mirror image for a surreal interview? These are all child’s play next to the show of commitment to the American people that guesting on a Fallon sketch entails. Let’s not forget this sacrifice.

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