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Bernie Sanders dropped speech, briefly went full Larry David at the DNC

Screenshot: Saturday Night Live

The line between Bernie Sanders and Larry David has been blurred ever since the Seinfeld creator debuted his pitch-perfect Sanders impression on Saturday Night Live. But it appears we’ve finally crossed through the vortex into a dimension in which the two are simply one person. Last night before his highly anticipated speech at the Democratic National Convention, Sanders had a truly Curb Your Enthusiasm worthy mishap:


While watching the convention unfold from the audience, he pulls out a copy of his speech and accidentally drops it behind the seats in front of him. It takes approximately two seconds for Sanders’ face to change from mild irritation to abject panic. Naturally, an insightful Twitter user immediately set the entire thing to Curb Your Enthusiasm music:

[CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM THEME PLAYS ♫] @CarmanTse @gkla @RooneyMcNibNug @J_Derm pic.twitter.com/nU0ZPDuwqn

— Mr Red Ghost (@Mr_Ghostly) July 26, 2016

It’s arguably the best thing to come out of this fraught presidential election season and perhaps the one video that can unite a divided nation in lighthearted chuckles.

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