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Bernie Sanders: "Cardi B is right"

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Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images), Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Senator Bernie Sanders is an effortlessly cool dude who is always right about everything, at least as far as half of Reddit is concerned (the other half worships a different political idol), and today he once again played to his coolest supporters by hopping on Twitter and saying that he agrees with Cardi B about the importance of Social Security:


Look at how cool this old man is, young people! He knows what you like, which apparently includes Cardi B and Social Security.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer’s thoughts on Social Security initially came up in a recent chat with GQ, during which Cardi B noted that she loves political science and learning about how the government works. Most of all, she loves Franklin Delano Roosevelt because of how his policies helped us get over the Depression and how he established the Social Security system, adding, “he’s the real ‘make America great again.’” She also told GQ that she used to be able to name all of the presidents in order and rattled off a couple of facts about James Buchanan, proving that she’s a legitimate fan of the presidents and not some poser.

Anyway, after recognizing that someone even more popular than him had touched on one of his favorite talking points, Bernie Sanders leaned on the “Cardi B is right” thing again for a quick video:

After this, it’ll probably just be a matter of time before more musical artists start dropping left-wing talking points in interviews, all in hopes of getting a coveted Bernie Bump on social media.