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Benjamin Bratt infiltrates Bryan Cranston’s The Infiltrator

The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman has hired Benjamin Bratt to help Bryan Cranston infiltrate Mexican drug cartels in his upcoming thriller The Infiltrator. As we’ve previously reported, Cranston—who had a minor role in The Lincoln Lawyer—will be playing a real-life customs agent named Robert Mazur who posed as a money launderer so he could infiltrate a nefarious drug-dealing organization. The whole story is based on Mazur’s autobiography, but we’re hoping his money laundering ideas in the movie involve laser tag. Anyway, Deadline says Bratt will be playing Roberto Alcanio, Cranston’s “direct contact” who works with the cartel’s “board members.” Apparently drug cartels require board members, which makes it sound like they’re significantly more boring than they seem to be from the outside.


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