(Original photos: Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/Getty Images, Brazil Photos/Getty Images)

Like a mysterious, cloaking-device-equipped hunter matching wits with Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers in the sweaty jungles of Mexico, Benicio Del Toro has vanished from the set of Shane Black’s The Predator. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sicario star has finally departed the project in full, after months of rescheduling and other disruptions continually pushed its start date back.

There‚Äôs been no formal replacement announced for the actor, who would have lent his recently resurgent star power to the reboot of the 1986 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic. But it sounds like Boyd Holbrook‚ÄĒone of the stars of Netflix‚Äôs Narcos, and the villain in the upcoming X-Men movie Logan‚ÄĒmight be stepping in to take on the part. And while Del Toro, who‚Äôs now on his way to Sicario 2, will presumably be missed, at least it doesn‚Äôt sound like director Black will be following in his titular alien creature‚Äôs sore-losing footsteps and trashing the whole project in a ball of petulant nuclear fire.