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Benedict Wong says his Dr. Strange character will be more than a manservant


According to actor Benedict Wong, his character in Marvel’s Dr. Strange will be a bit different from his portrayal in the comics. In January, we reported that Wong, the co-star of sci-fi films like The Martian, Moon, and Sunshine, would be plunging into the fantasy realm to play a character also named Wong, who has been described as a sidekick and valet to Stephen Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). However, in an interview with Den Of Geek, the actor Wong said, “I’m certainly not going to be the tea-making manservant. We’re headed in a different direction. He’s more of a drill sergeant.”

The actor also noted that the character Wong won’t be engaging in martial arts in the film, something he mastered in the comics: “There isn’t any martial arts for Wong in Dr. Strange. [Instead,] he’s one of the masters of sorcery.” Of course, Den Of Geek couldn’t resist asking the actor if he will appear in more Marvel films. Wong replied, “That would be nice! No, we’ll start off with the first one. … I’m very excited to see what happens.” That’s probably code for, “Yes, I’ve signed an 11-picture deal that will include Avengers: Infinity War, Dr. Strange Vs. Wong, Wong Goes To Wakanda, and Planet Hulk 4: Wong In Space.” Congratulations to both Wongs on their success.


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