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Benedict Cumberbatch to play British explorer with rather ridiculous-sounding name

Benedict Cumberbatch—that tatterdemalion who abandoned his tutelage in the printing trade, tiddly on tales of adventure from one too many penny dreadfuls—is tilting at it again, his restless spirit swept along by the exotic winds of Toronto. It’s in that Canadian Xanadu where Cumberbatch, hitching his jodhpurs on the nearest stuffed tiger, declared he would soon go searching for The Lost City Of Z—following the path laid out in David Grann’s book toward the mythical city in the Amazon, which 1920s British explorer Percy Fawcett claimed to have discovered and ultimately disappeared in, to the detriment of its tourism. Two Lovers director James Gray will assist Cumberbatch in his journey, which will presumably begin with Benedict Cumberbatch insisting that “Percy Fawcett” be changed to something a bit less silly.


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