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Benedict Cumberbatch partially unbuttons his shirt for charity

Benedict Cumberbatch, the Internet’s sexiest man who also kind of looks like an upset frog, is now being sexy for charity—indirectly, anyway. An image of the actor, who Tumblr assures us is very, very sexy, will appear in an exhibition of celebrity photos by famous photographer Jason Bell in support of the tenth anniversary of the Give Up Your Clothes For Good campaign. The exhibition, which also features Bell’s photos of Elijah Wood, Kate Winslet, Liam Neeson, and other celebrities, is part of an annual clothing-donation charity promotion by T.K. Maxxthe genteel British version of the U.S.’s T.J. Maxxto raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Reports keep referring to the photo, which features Cumberbatch standing in a lake wearing a partially unbuttoned white shirt, as “pulling a Mr. Darcy,” which is presumably some kind of cockney rhyming slang. (Just like the phrase “Benedict Cumberbatch,” a subtle, clever reference to the inner thigh of an aging-but-still-randy society matron.)


Of course, if you’re not worried about cloaking your lusts in the guise of charitable support, a quick Google Image search for “Benedict Cumberbatch topless” will bring up even more (and even less clothed) images of the actor and his pretty-normal-but-also-somehow-very-sexy physique. It will also produce something titled “A Naked Unicorn Rides Benedict Cumberbatch,” perhaps the greatest visual composition ever created by human hands. It’s technically safe for work, but may lead to awkward conversations with your boss about how you choose to spend your days on this earth.

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