Patton Oswalt has some really insane fans, as evidenced by something he tweeted last night. Oswalt directed his followers to the Imgur page of Eric James von Blumenstein, who cooked every single item from Oswalt’s “Black Angus” bit for his good friend’s bachelor party. The photos really are hilarious, to von Blumenstein’s credit, as he put together countless “potato bacon bombs,” as well as both a “5 head of iceberg lettuce He-Man salad served in a punch bowl” and a gravy pipe (so “bend over, Abigail May.”) While all that deep-fried pumpkin probably made for a pretty gross morning after, it’s sweet that von Blumenstein did this for his friend, as well as for us, the Internet.

"Five jumbo deep-fried gulf shrimp served on a disc of salted butter with 15 of our potato bacon bombs and a big bowl of pork cracklins with our cheese & butter dipping sauce."

"Bacon & cheese cream soup. 5 head of iceberg lettuce he-man salad served in a punch bowl with 18 lbs of ranch dressing, pork-stuffed deep-fried croutons, and a couple of corn dogs."


"A bottomless trough of fried dough"


"55 oz. Los Mesa He-Man Steak Slab served in a deep-fried pumpkin filled with buttered scallops and 53 of our potato bacon bombs"

"Bend over, Abigail May…"


"At Black Angus, your name is Peaches."