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Ben Wheatley and Tom Hiddleston might tackle Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled


It looks like the box office stink of 300: Rise Of An Empire and The Spirit has finally dissipated, as Hollywood is getting back into the Frank Miller business. Thankfully, he’s not getting his hands anywhere near an actual production, but his comic mini-series Hard Boiled might be getting a big-screen adaptation. Not only that, but High-Rise director Ben Wheatley and star Tom Hiddleston might be reuniting for the project, which might be enough to entice people who had been burned by the last few Frank Miller adaptations to give his work another try. That all comes from Deadline, which says the deals are currently being worked out and that we’ll “know soon” if this is really happening or not.

The Hard Boiled comic, which came out in 1990 and was created by Miller and Geoff Darrow, is about an insurance investigator living in a near-future Los Angeles who realizes he’s actually a murderous tax collector robot whose entire life is a lie. This being a Frank Miller comic, he then goes on an absurdly violent quest for vengeance and tries to free his robot comrades, but things don’t necessarily work out the way he planned. (Again, it’s a Frank Miller comic.)


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