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Ben Tramer is still dead in the new Halloween continuity

When audiences first met him more than 35 years ago, they were told there was nothing left: no reason, no conscience, no understanding, not even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. Then, over the next few decades, the emotionless shape of Michael Myers became a neglected child who would return every few years as producer Moustapha Akkad took a simple story of a masked killer murdering babysitters on Halloween night and turned it into the most convoluted of the ‘80s slasher franchises. (There was also a white horse in there somewhere, we think.)

Dimension even rebooted the franchise in 1998 with H20: Twenty Years Later, ignoring the fourth, fifth, and sixth entries in the series (possibly the second as well, seeing that Myers appears to have both of his eyeballs intact). Then, somehow, Rob Zombie came around and mucked up the series even more. And now, whether out of bloodlust or simple greed, producers are letting Mikey loose on the streets of Haddonfield once again in the upcoming Halloween Returns.


When we first told you about the newest Halloween film, plot details were not yet available. Now /Film reports that the film will revolve around “the now 18-year-old child of one of Myers’ victims,” as well as “the child of a cop who has long been obsessed with Myers’ case.” According to Shock Till You Drop, that cop is more than likely Deputy Gary Hunt. (For those of you who didn’t gasp when the mustachioed doctor who appeared in John Carpenter’s original for around three minutes was revealed as the Man In Black in The Curse Of Michael Myers, Deputy Gary Hunt was the blonde officer who accompanied Dr. Loomis to the school in the original Halloween II.)

Still with us?

Okay, so Deputy Hunt is now the sheriff of Haddonfield. He’ll be dealing with frightened teenagers, angry townsfolk, and a prophet of doom when Myers—who apparently was deemed competent to stand trial, made it through said trial without murdering anyone, and is now on death row—escapes his execution in order to…well, we’re really not sure if he’s going to try to kill his sister, his niece, or catch up over some brewskis with his old friends Jason and Freddy.

The new film will be following the continuity of 1981’s Halloween II. Ben Tramer, Haddonfield’s original hipster—he did go as Michael Myers for Halloween before it was cool—is still dead, Laurie Strode may very well be alive, and Silver Shamrock will more than likely not be involved. Halloween Returns is set to begin filming in July.

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