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Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images), Tristan Fewings (Getty Images)

Famous people working together! The bread and butter of pop culture news! According to Deadline, celebrated director Ben Stiller (of Escape At Dannemora and also apparently a successful comedy acting career before that) is teaming up with Oscar Isaac for London, a movie based on what Deadline refers to as a “new short story/high-concept thriller” from crime author Jo Nesbo. That’s an interesting description, since “short story” is the medium but “high-concept thriller” is the genre, which makes the high-concept thriller part seem like it’s probably a core aspect of whatever this thing is. On that note, we should say that Deadline doesn’t offer any details about the actual plot of London, so all we know is the “short story/high-concept thriller” thing.


Still, Isaac and Stiller! Working together! Also the screenplay is being written by Eric Roth, who has had his name on all sorts of successful stuff, including Forrest Gump, A Star is Born, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, and things that aren’t out yet but might be successful like Dune and Killers Of The Flower Moon.

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