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On a recent episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Sonic The Hedgehog star Ben Schwartz dropped some news that has nothing to do with whether or not hedgehogs have realistic, human-like teeth: He and comedy buddy Thomas Middleditch (of Silicon Valley, the Verizon ads, and that informative Playboy interview) are taking their long-form improv routine—Middleditch And Schwartz—to Netflix. The pair has performed live for a while, but this will be the first time viewers at home will be able to see what kind of wacky, elaborate shtick they get up to when they’re together. Plus, to make it even better, Schwartz says Netflix taped multiple different Middleditch And Schwartz performances, and they’ll release three separate specials all at once.


For those who aren’t hip to comedy terms, long-form improv is like the little games and gags you might know from something like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? but… sustained over a longer period of time. So it’s like improv, but the form is sort of longer. Anyway, you can hear Schwartz explain a little bit about it in this clip below.

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