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Screenshot: Netflix (YouTube)

The only possible way the current presidential race could get more dramatic would be if Ryan Murphy were producing it himself. While that may not be possible (or maybe so?), he is giving Netflix subscribers a glimpse of what a Murphy-esque race for a highly coveted office could look like in the trailer for his upcoming Netflix series The Politician. Ben Platt plays Peyton Hobart, a highly ambitious presidential hopeful who must first conquer his high school election before his eventual (in his mind) ascent to the White House. Nothing shall stand in his way, not even an equally blood-thirsty opponent, a potentially problematic running mate, and one (or more?) potential assassination attempt(s) on his head. This is a lot to endure just to win the right to plan the 10-year reunion.


Some of Murphy’s signature marks are here—the glossy facade, the concise, cut-to-the-quick dialogue, Jessica Lange and Gwenyth Paltrow—in all their glory. Check out the trailer below.

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