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Ben & Jerry’s releases Bob Marley ice cream that doesn’t have weed in it

Although Ben & Jerry’s founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have previously expressed some interest in cutting out the middleman and just putting weed in the ice cream, this freaky, freewheeling subsidiary of the Unilever conglomerate has so far been stymied by corporate buzzkills and government regulation, as well as the fact that most weed tastes like Pine-Sol-coated ass. Instead, these ice-cream Frankensteins have been forced to pay more subtle tributes to their main source of inspiration, creating flavors that mimic losing all inhibition and sense of reason, then naming them after pot-friendly artists like Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson, and, um, Barenaked Ladies.

Therefore, you won’t find any weed in its new Bob Marley limited batch, One Love. What you will find is “banana ice cream with caramel and graham cracker swirls and fudge peace signs,” an homage to how much the late reggae singer loved peace and little pacifist chocolate candies, plus whatever, throw some graham crackers in there. Graham crackers come from Earth, which is where Bob Marley sometimes lived. He also probably ate a banana once.

One World—proceeds from which benefit the One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica—is actually just an update of last year’s Marley-themed Satisfy My Bowl, but with graham crackers replacing the swirls of cookies, though it’s entirely possible no one at Ben & Jerry’s even remembers making that. Anyway, get high and eat it.


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