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Ben & Jerry’s chocolate-chip cookie dough beer is unnecessary, but intriguing

(Photo: New Belgium Brewing Company)

Beer and chocolate chip cookie dough are two amazing concoctions that are immensely satisfying in small doses, but if taken in excess will cause copious vomiting. So of course they should be combined into one super-beverage of deliciousness and potential disgorgement, and it only stands to reason that two of our nation’s finest purveyors of consumables should be joining forces to make this happen. According to the New Belgium Brewing Company’s official announcement:

New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up once again to create a new ice cream inspired beer while raising awareness about climate change. Inspired by one of Ben & Jerry’s smash hits, New Belgium has developed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale, a special release beer to hit the shelves in the fall of 2016. …

“We are excited to be partnering once again with the good folks at Ben & Jerry’s and POW,” said New Belgium Director of Sustainability, Jenn Vervier. “The beer in development tastes amazing and we look forward to talking about climate change and climate action. With the upcoming election and a new administration, year two is even more important than the first round.”


This isn’t the first time these two companies have gotten together to make weird magic. Last year, they the Colorado-based craft brewery and the Vermont-based ice cream company collaborated on another pastry-themed limited edition beer: Salted Caramel Brownie Ale, which actually got a pretty good rating on Beer Advocate. The upcoming follow-up flavor based on chocolate chip cookie dough seems pretty self-evident, especially since Ben & Jerry’s already knocked the concept out of the park when it paired the uncooked batter with ice cream.

And just in case anyone finds this project distastefully decadent, it should be pointed out that $50,000 of its proceeds are going to the Protect Our Winters nonprofit, which raises awareness of climate change. “Working with New Belgium Brewing and Protect our Winters to be able to impact climate was a highlight of 2015, and so, we’re doing it again,” said Ben & Jerry’s Senior Global Marketing Manager Jay Curley said in a statement. “This new beer is delicious and unique, and the issue of climate change is still increasingly urgent.”

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