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Ben Edlund concedes, says there's no saving Amazon's The Tick

Screenshot: Amazon

We’ve reached a weird point in the lifespan of the modern TV ecosystem, where words like “canceled” are no longer automatically synonymous with “So obviously, there won’t be any more of that.” There have now been just enough miraculous saves for shows kicked off their own networks—your Brooklyn Nine-Nines, your Last Man Standings, and, of course, your Longmires—that #Save_____ is now a very standard part of an offed-series’ playbook, a way to show networks that fervent support still exists for the canceled property.

Sadly, such rescues are still painfully rare, a truth acknowledged yesterday by The Tick creator Ben Edlund, who has formally conceded that the latest live-action series starring the big blue weirdo is now officially no more.


Starring Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman, the series ran for two seasons of comedy-heavy superhero action on Amazon. The streaming service pulled the plug last month, though, and within days, the #SaveTheTick hashtag was already in full wing. Sadly, though, hashtagged justice was not to be; although Edlund says he’s still committed to bringing this incarnation of his long-running superhero parody back in some form or another, he’s now made it clear that the current series must now “come to its end.”

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