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Ben And Jerry’s is launching Saturday Night Live-themed flavors

Ben And Jerry’s is launching a line of Saturday Night Live-themed flavors. So far, information is appropriately sketchy about what “sketch-inspired” batches will be available. But based on a picture tweeted by the ice cream company, we’re going to go ahead and assume that the two flavors pictured involve some sort of chocolate, some sort of brownie or cookie, and maybe some caramel. Thus, one of the flavors is clearly and/or hopefully inspired by “The Dark Side With Nat X,” while the other must be an homage to “Ice Cream,” an out-there video sketch starring Kyle Mooney that only aired last year. Or, maybe not.

The SNL flavors should be available later this year at Ben And Jerry’s scoop shops, though it’s unclear whether they’ll be deemed ready for the primetime of regular grocery stores.


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