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Having safely escaped the clutches of playing one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time at last, Ben Affleck is now ready to get back to what he does best: Running with a very stern expression on his face, usually with a gun in tow. Collider reports today that Affleck is teaming up with Robert Rodriguez, fresh off his own sojourn among the vaguely robotic, for the director’s new thriller Hypnotic.

The film will reportedly see Affleck hunting for his missing daughter—i.e., the free space on the bingo board of aging action star cliches—and running into a “secret government program” and a series of “high-profile heists.” All of which leads us to ask: Is this a movie where Ben Affleck is going to get hypnotized into being a bank robber, like Mr. Bean, or maybe Donald Duck? Because we’re totally here for that idea, especially if Rodriguez tosses in one of those scenes where people keep accidentally hypnotizing and un-hypnotizing the hapless dupe to cluck like a chicken or something every time someone says his trigger word.


Hypnotic is set to start filming in April of next year.

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