Batman V Superman

Ben Affleck—when not contemplating life’s great mysteries over a cigarette—has been toiling away on DC cinematic universe projects, probably trying to convince himself that signing onto the franchise was not that bad of idea. Today, however, he tweeted out this cryptic video, indicating what precisely he’s been cooking up. The vague footage shows Deathstroke, the mercenary souped up thanks to his military career, marching towards a camera. It’s grainy and dark, which is in part because Affleck appears to be giving us a bootleg look at his own project, filming a screen rather than delivering it directly. But general muddiness is in keeping with the aesthetic of the movies so far. Behold:


The tweet unleashed speculation that perhaps Deathstroke would be a villain in Justice League. But according to a report in The Wrap, Slade Wilson is going to be the baddie in Affleck’s standalone Batman movie. Somewhere, Jared Leto is crying into his Cheerios and fixing Affleck a care package containing live rats and used condoms. Meanwhile, Affleck and Margot Robbie have been hanging out in London, possibly implying that Harley Quinn is somehow involved with the movie. Or, you know, they may have just wanted to see the Harry Potter play together so as to settle a debate about which Hogwarts house they would be in.