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Ben Affleck casts Ben Affleck in Ben Affleck film

Director Ben Affleck has cast the increasingly hard-to-get actor Ben Affleck as the lead in his upcoming Argo, a political thriller set around the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. Affleck will direct Affleck as a CIA agent who orchestrates a fake Hollywood production as a ruse to sneak six American diplomats out of the country by claiming they were part of a film crew. As previously reported, Affleck plans to put his cast—which will likely also include Alan Arkin and John Goodman—through the rigorous Method preparation of having them all live together in a “safe-house” for two weeks, in order to recreate the tense conditions endured by their real-life counterparts and, most likely, make Alan Arkin hate the very smell of John Goodman.

No word on whether Ben Affleck also intends to undergo that experiment, as he may be too busy workshopping his leading man role with the director, Ben Affleck, who obviously saw something in him during the casting session overseen by Ben Affleck. “I thought you did really strong work in The Town, Ben Affleck,” Ben Affleck said to Ben Affleck. “I’d like to see more of that take-charge kind of Ben Affleck mixed with the quietly vulnerable Ben Affleck of State Of Play.” “You saw State Of Play, Ben Affleck?” Ben Affleck asked Ben Affleck, slightly taken aback. “Thank you. I thought that role was one of my best, but unfortunately not enough people gave it a chance.” “People don’t give you enough credit, Ben Affleck,” Ben Affleck said to Ben Affleck, putting his arm around Ben Affleck’s shoulders. “But we’ll show them. We’ll show them all.”


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