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Illustration for article titled Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are still buddies and they’re co-producing a CBS pilot to prove it

Batman exercises may be taking Ben Affleck away from some more intensive projects, but his “tired and weary” take on the character won’t be occupying all of his time. He recently signed on to direct The Middle Man pilot for Fox, and now he and Matt Damon have another pilot at CBS with The Marriage Ref himself, comedian Tom Papa. More Time With Family is based on “the stand-up of Papa and the experiences of Damon,” about a man who gives up a life on the road to spend more time with his family, and realizes they never actually wanted him to do so. Damon and Papa have worked together before on two Steven Soderbergh films, The Informant and Behind The Candelabra. Affleck and Damon are just co-executive producers on the project, but apparently their involvement plus Papa’s return to scripted television (after 2004's very short-lived NBC comedy Come To Papa) merited a bidding war, and CBS won.


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