For professional best friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, life is just one big bro-down. Sometimes they’ll get together to play Mario Kart, sometimes they’ll have a wacky prank war, and sometimes they’ll just hang out and talk about life or whatever. Now, though, the two are teaming up to work on an actual project together for the first time since all of the other times they’ve done that. We think it’s been at least once or twice.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Super Friends—see, because one of them is Batman now—are currently working with Pearl Street Films, their production company, to develop a new drama for Syfy. Spanish screenwriters David and Àlex Pastor are writing the pilot, with The Good Wife‘s Ted Humphrey acting as the showrunner. The show will be titled Incorporated, and THR says it’s a “futuristic espionage thriller” about a “world where corporations have seemingly unlimited power.” Sounds terrifying! It sure is a good thing we don’t live in a world like that right now.