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Beloved website The Toast reappeared for a single day

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The Toast is dead, long live The Toast.

Back in 2013, editors Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg founded the beloved site, which offered a hilarious, heartwarming sanctuary for its readers (they described their target market as “librarians”). Essays centered around comedy, feminism, and inclusion, though many will always cherish it for Ortberg’s inspired literary satire, as seen here, here, here, and elsewhere on the site. It left us last year due to—what else—money.


Yesterday, the site came back for one day only. A note on the site reads:

Hello, our dear friends! Mallory has been living at my house for the entire month of July AND we got Nikki out here for a visit AND Marco sends us the greatest pics you have ever seen and I miss him constantly, so we were feeling very nostalgic and thought: wouldn’t it be fun to do one day of new content for literally no reason? So we did. Comments may or may not be working, we planned on having them off but it’s kind of hard to do without hiding ALL PREVIOUS COMMENTS and people get very sad when that happens. Maybe you can comment? I dunno. If you can’t, don’t, if you can, great!

There’s tons of great new content to sift through, including pieces on Lord Byron, The Hunt For Red October, and Harvard Magazine, as well as an update on what the site’s primary contributors have been up to over the last year. Ortberg also made her “pivot to video” with a series of clips that explore what a friendship between Joan Didion and Anna Wintour might look like. It’s all gold and will most definitely make you sad that this reunion is so short-lived.

And, my, how Sansa has grown.


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