If you enjoy quality interviews you might already be aware of The Sound Of Young America, the long-running podcast and radio show hosted by Jesse Thorn, a noted pop-culture enthusiast (and recently minted fashion icon). After using the TSOYA name for years, Thorn decided to make a change for 2012, reformatting the show a bit and renaming it Bullseye With Jesse Thorn. Thorn’s also graciously played host to A.V. Club members over the years, bringing us on to offer suggestions for what to watch/read/listen to. That trend will continue in the Bullseye era and we’ve decided to return the favor by running text versions of select Bullseye interviews on the A.V. Club site, an addition sure to delight those who like interviews but hate the sound of the human voice. The first episode of Bullseye, featuring Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, Dan Stevens, and Joanne Droggatt, Angry Boys and Summer Heights High creator Chris Lilley, singer/songwriter Dan Deacon, and The A.V. Club’s Josh Modell and Tasha Robinson is online and at iTunes now.