Tearing “arts and entertainment” from its programming body like two unnecessary, fancy-schmancy sleeves continues to pay off in spades for A&E—spades that can be used for all kinds of hole diggin’ that might make for successful reality TV like Duck Dynasty, which is now officially the network’s biggest show ever. Wednesday’s second season finale became the most-watched telecast in A&E history, topping all network and cable shows for the night with some 6.5 million viewers (including 3.9 million adults 18 to 49), eclipsing the highs set nearly a year ago by Storage Wars, easily destroying stuffy A&E shows of yore like Biography, and even outdoing that episode of Storage Wars where they bid on a taxidermied Peter Graves. It’s just another coup in the continuing rags-to-riches saga of the Louisiana family with a ruthless stranglehold over the duck call business, an empire that will continue until—like the Ming Dynasty before it—it inevitably falls to invading Manchurians.