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Beige Eagle Boys apparently ready to piss off The Eagles with new cover song

Don Henley of The Eagles isn’t known for his generosity of spirit when it comes to other artists appropriating his music—a fact Beige Eagle Boys apparently couldn’t give less of a shit about. The Detroit noise-punk trio’s debut album, You’re Gonna Get Yours, comes out soon, and amid its thoroughly brutalizing mix of The Jesus Lizard and Pissed Jeans is a version of Henley’s chart-topping solo hit from 1982, “Dirty Laundry.” It is not pretty. The cover, which is being debuted below, speculates what Henley’s original might have sounded like if it’d never made it into the washing machine. The fact that Beige Eagles Boys have “Eagle” in their name is just one of those little perks that’s sure to make Henley smile even wider once he hears it.

You’re Gonna Get Yours will be released June 24 via Reptilian Records.


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