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Behold, the world’s greatest student government campaign video

Granted, if you’re running for president and vice president of Harvard’s UC (that’s Undergraduate Council), you know you have to ramp up your campaign several notches. Since you’re at Harvard, you probably are an overachiever who already knows how to do that. Still, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the campaign video of UC president and vice president candidates James and Ify, which now has over 3 million views.

The song starts out with an irrepressible rap over only snaps for percussion, with some impressive group dance movies, featuring Ify and James at the center. Then an angel-voiced songstress breaks in with: “You wanna feel at home / Like you belong / They got you / You want your voice to be heard / Every word / They got you.” There’s a just a little more percussion added, and then a sax solo, of all things. After only about 90 seconds, your vote is secured. In fact, most of the video’s Twitter comments involved people trying to figure out how they could hack into the Harvard UC system to vote.


No need, as it turns out. Online voting wrapped up yesterday with some excellent news: They won! Congratulations to James and Ify; we look forward to voting for you as U.S. president and VP in a few years anyway.

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