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Behold the purity of Mick Jagger leaving corny comments on his son's Instagram pics

Photo: Harry Herd (WireImage via Getty Images)

It’s only natural for parents to want to keep up on their children’s lives through daily scanning of social media. What better way to reassure yourself that your precious loved ones are doing alright (without having to actually call them) than by clicking “like” on a shot of them at Arby’s, or whatever? Especially if you’re busy playing stadiums.

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger has taken this sentiment to heart, specifically by doling out heart after unironic heart on the Instagram feed of his teenage son, Lucas Jagger. What makes it such a delight (as noted by Twitter user @dpatrickrodgers) is the way that Jagger doubles down on the kind of dorky-dad statement all parents tend to leave in the comments on their kids’ social media posts. Who doesn’t remember the first time they felt a mild twinge of embarrassment when a relative popped into your DMs to leave an earnest and well-intentioned statement of support and/or love? You know, the exact kind of statement you would never admit to them makes you cringe a little, even as the rational part of you appreciates their affection and attention. Well, one of the most recognizable international rock stars still left in this world is here to uphold that tradition, and it is a goddamn treat.


Between performances of “Paint It Black,” Mick Jagger is just another proud papa, eagerly weighing in on his son’s activities. The beauty of our modern era is that we all get to see it, too, and thereby remind ourselves that any mystique generated by a larger-than-life artist can be charmingly evaporated by their sweetly sincere expressions of “looked like you had fun guys.”

Screenshot: Instagram

Yes, there’s nothing quite like the bond between parent and child. We hope some public encouragement will inspire Mick Jagger to ever greater heights of social media participation, as it provides a model for us all: No matter what unlikely path your life may take, it’s never the wrong time to comment on your relatives’ Instagram posts with a guilelessly entertaining level of approval.

Screenshot: Instagram

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